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Thailand Wedding & Marriage

Why marry in Thailand?
Thailand doesn’t only capture the eyes but also the heart. The growing popularity of Thailand as one of the top wedding destinations in the world doesn’t come as a surprise to the charmed former visitor who would have probably thought that Thailand’s exotic culture, friendly and hospitable people, delicious food, pristine beaches, verdant forests and mountains, peaceful hamlets and not to forget the exciting & colorful nightlife in its urban areas make it a perfect venue for one’s wedding day. But to the person who has never been to Thailand, there must be a lot of questions in his/her head as to why a far flung country in South East Asia is drawing couples around the world to go there and tie the knot.

Foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand are offered endless and more-than-the-usual possibilities which traditional wedding destinations cannot offer. In other words, Thailand affords you a choice to make your wedding celebration truly a memorable one. It is our task to simplify the details for you if only to ensure that you’ll end up with the perfect choice.

A Wedding of Your Choice in Thailand

Do you fancy a colorful Traditional Thai wedding, a solemn Christian wedding, a mix of the two which can be done simultaneously, a ceremonious Chinese wedding or a fabulous Muslim wedding? Whatever is your choice, you better read about the types of wedding in Thailand for your guidance.

* Traditional Thai Wedding
* Christian Wedding: Catholic & Protestant
* Chinese Wedding
* Muslim Wedding
* Secular Wedding aka My Personal Wedding

Marry in Thailand Wedding & Marriage Registration
A Wedding of Your Choice in Thailand. Do you fancy a colorful Traditional Thai wedding, a solemn Christian wedding, a mix of the two which can be done
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Weddings in Thailand your Thai Wedding on Koh Samui Thailand
Samui Weddings in Thailand. Thai Weddings on Koh Samui. When planning a wedding, stress is a common factor that all couples will experience.

A Thai wedding generally consists of two parts: the legal part and the ceremonial part. These are done separately. There is no requirement of government documentation to have a religious ceremony, which is most common with Thai people. This is considered by many to be the real wedding. Normally, weddings in Thailand are Buddhist. A dowry is still common, but arranged marriages are rare.

The legal part is performed at a local Amphur where the marriage is registered. It is not a chattel marriage, but a contractual marriage. The marriage certificate is in the Thai language.
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